The CentiMark Difference

CentiMark Corporation is your all encompassing commercial roofing contractor. From flat roof assessments and repairs to installations of virtually every type of commercial roof, our commitment to excellence, stellar customer service and exceptional results is the "CentiMark Difference." We provide unbiased and customized solutions based on your specific needs by bringing to the task years of experience with every possible roofing situation. You can expect extensive surveys, life expectancy models, repair ROI analysis and repair versus re-roofing evaluations. If you do need a replacement roof, we can provide you with the right reasons for each roof type and which commercial roofing solution or flat roof solution is best for you, either a traditional flatroof or green solution like Solar, Garden, Daylighting or Reflective. When it comes to repairs, our customers have come to expect 24/7 live customer service, 24-hour response times, dedicated service crews, extensive "before and after" documentation through our popular MyCentiMark on-line management application tool.

Global Reach - Local Presence

CentiMark has the resources of an international company with the quick response of a local presence. Our corporate services include a safety department, technical department, unparalleled and customizable warranties along with flexible financing and credit terms that simply are not available from most contractors. Our financial strength and stability (5A1 rating) will allow you to rest easy knowing that your warranty has strong backing and that CentiMark will be there when you need us. On the technical side, our Asset Management application through MyCentiMark has become indispensable for many of our customers.

Excellence - One Commercial Roofing Project at a Time

A roof is only as good as its installer. At CentiMark, our constant flow of work and generous company benefits including ESOP has resulted in the best workforce in the business! We attract and retain top talent. Many of our employees have been with us since the inception of the company. We have 65 offices, hundreds of service and production crews and our employees are a vast repository of field knowledge and best practices. Plus, these employees live and participate in their local communities.

These are the benefits and expertise only a large, financially sound company can provide along with the responsive service you would expect from an exceptional local commercial roof contractor. With CentiMark, you find the best of both worlds! In those rare cases where a manufacturer's product may be faulty, a smaller contractor may involve you in disputes. At CentiMark, we deal with manufacturers directly. Our concern will always be to "make things right" for our customers and their flat roof or commercial roof project.

What is the most important element of the CentiMark Difference? We are customer centric. Over 50% of our business is from repeat customers. Our clients want more and they can expect more from CentiMark. From risk reduction, sustainable solutions, online access to work performed and extensive analysis, we understand that we are only as good as our last job, and our repeat customers and national accounts are the best illustration of our success.

When it comes to commercial roofing contractors and flat roofing, no other contractor can provide the breadth of full service roofing expertise as CentiMark Corporation.

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