Established in 1923, the Tri-State/Service Roofing & Sheet Metal Group is a full-service roofing, sheet metal, and HVAC/mechanical contractor with over 95 years of experience specifying, installing, maintaining, and repairing quality roof systems for all low-slope and steep-slope applications. Tri-State/Service Group serves industrial, commercial, and institutional customers throughout the mid-Atlantic region and Southeast.
Our group is certified to install and repair systems from all major metal, slate, tile, shingle, single-ply, and multi-ply roofing product manufacturers including EPDM, PVC, Modified, and BUR. We are specialists in leak repair and are available to respond to emergencies at any time. Professional and custom metal fabrication is handled in-house in support of our roofing business.
In addition to architectural metal pieces, we measure for, design, lay out, fabricate and install custom metal pieces for industrial uses, including safety/access, material handling, manufacturing process, and commercial HVAC applications. We custom fabricate metal for any industrial/commercial application.
Our full-service HVAC/Mechanical division provides energy management services; and temperature-, humidity-, pollution-, and dust-control solutions. We are a LEED-accredited contractor. HVAC/Mechanical services are available in four locations.
With thirteen locations throughout West Virginia, Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Virginia, Tri-State/Service Group clients include industrial/commercial companies, institutions, general contractors, and property owners. The Tri-State/Service Group is distinguished by a strong safety record with low experience modification rates, and reputation for customer service, quality, and dependability in each of our market areas.
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