V-Purchasing.com is a leading provider of information, tools, and services used in the contractor evaluation and selection process.

V-Purchasing.com, through its unique blend of technology and information, helps organizations more effectively select qualified contractors to perform important tasks at their manufacturing facilities and offices. Our comprehensive set of tools, services and information help improve safety and quality, reduce exposure to OSHA violations and expand the level of strategic information used for contractor and supplier selection.

Companies who use contract labor can reduce their risk of incidents and improve the results of contractor selection by leveraging new web-enabled technologies to ensure selection of safe, qualified contractors. V-Purchasing.com allows for automated research, collection and management of critical information at
significantly lower costs than can be done individually by owners and contractors. With the click of a mouse, V-Purchasing.com provides access to information, such as safety performance records, insurance data and business classification records. Our technology constantly monitors critical information and immediately notifies owner sites when a contractor or supplier no longer meets qualifications.

Additionally, V-Purchasing stays abreast of new regulatory requirements and continually updates contractor qualification questionnaires. Through the use of unique rules-based technology, V-Purchasing.com effectively and efficiently collects and maintains all necessary contractor data. This data is formatted and made available to member organizations through the Internet.

Our information, tools and services provide a complete process for our customers to more effectively select qualified contractors while lowering their own risks and exposure.

Our services (which always include any necessary tools and information) focus on logical parts of the contractor and supplier qualification and selection process. By breaking our service down into pieces, we are able to provide the "right" services to our customers. The complete process lets our customers know they have a turn-key solutionSourcing: additional help and resources to find new contractors and suppliers.

Contractor Management: Managing critical information used to qualify and select contractors

Auditing and Verification: Validating information, capabilities and quality.

Contractor Performance: Evaluating the contractors and suppliers performance during and after specific jobs or deliveries.
Among the information collected from contractors, V-Purchasing may obtain the following:

  • Contractor safety statistics
  • Safety programs in place
  • Safety training information
  • Policies regarding safety
  • Insurance information
  • Substance (Drug) screening programs
  • References
  • Quality programs
  • ISO certification
  • Workers Compensation Liability
  • Business (IRS) Classification (Minority / Women / Sheltered)
Enhance your safety and quality while reducing risk of operations with V-Purchasing.com.

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