Contractor & Supplier Qualification
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Congratulations! You have been selected by one of the V-Purchasing.com member companies to participate in their contractor & supplier qualification process. The fact that you have been chosen means you either currently provide a product or service to the company who requested you or they are considering you for future work or supply. Our member companies take this process very seriously and so should you. It is a prerequisite to doing business with many of our member companies.

The V-Purchasing.com qualification process is a thorough examination of your companies attitudes and practice as it relates to business operations, safety, security, illegal substance use, and risk. This examination is done through your response to a series of questionnaire forms as well as a set of documentation you will be required to submit.

IMPORTANT: The request you received to complete this process will indicate three very important pieces of information:
  • The company who is requesting the qualification
  • The date the qualification is to be completed
  • A unique request ID.

Do not wait until the last minute to complete this process. After all of your information is submitted, we still need time to analyze it. If there are any problems or concerns, we need time, as do you, to make corrections or adjustments in order to have you qualified by the date the owner has indicated. Delayed response on your part may trigger a process within V-Purchasing.com to find viable alternate suppliers who have already completed the qualification process. To avoid any complications please complete this process as quickly as possible. Call V-Purchasing.com immediately if you have any problems are concerns so that we can resolve them in a timely manor.

There is no fee or cost to you to complete this process in a timely fashion. Some organizations are not properly staffed to adequately respond to a qualification process such as this one. If your organization does not have enough staff or the right staff to complete this process in a timely manor, we will be happy to provide additional resources to be sure the process moves along. These resources however will require payment by the contractor. Remember this process is a prerequisite to conducting business with the owner company who requested it and in order to not disrupt the flow of business, nor incur any costs on your part, it is important you complete the process on time and without undue follow up from V-Purchasing.com.

All supplemental documentation must be faxed to (609)385-2918 or electronic files in either TIF or PDF format may be e-mailed to faxretriever@v-purchasing.com. Be sure your Request ID is on this information. Information not received in the proper format will be discarded.

Completing the Qualification Process
The following instructions outline the entire process for prequalification.
  1. Complete an IRS form W-9 (obtain form from the IRS website in PDF format by clicking here) and fax this first to V-Purchasing.com. Be sure it is complete and properly signed. If you are a foreign entity and do not have a United States IRS form W-9, then please provide an equivalent, legal document from your own country which indicates your taxpayer ID as well as legal company name and address. <Go on to Step 2>
  2. Complete an on-line registration form. This will be used in conjunction with the information faxed to determine if your company already has a file with us and if necessary will be used to set up a new file. Complete the simple registration form by clicking here. Once complete we will validate your information and respond with further instructions.
    • If your company already exists in our files, an e-mail will be sent to you indicating this, as well as the contact person for the existing file. You will also receive further instructions at that point.
    • If your company does not exist in our files, we will open a new file for your company and provide you with a userid and password (e-mailed to you) to access the file. You will then receive a separate e-mail with instructions on how to complete the questionnaire files on-line.
    • <Wait until you receive verification of your new account before continuing>
  3. Complete the on-line qualification questionnaire forms using the instructions you receive with your username and password. If at any time you have questions regarding the information requested or are unable to provide information for any reason (including simply that you do not wish to) you must contact V-Purchasing.com immediately to review options or get help.
  4. Once all information is received (both the requested documentation and the on-line question forms) V-Purchasing.com will analyze your information and produce a qualification report for the owner. If there is any information missing or if there are items which do not meet the owners requirements, we will contact you by e-mail or phone to resolve the issues. You will be notified when all requirements are met and you are included on the approved list of suppliers for the owner. Be absolutely sure you pay attention to the section of the questionnaire forms (Company Master/System Notifications). The name and e-mail address here is how we notify you of problems or issues. It is your responsibility to be sure this information is correct and changed in the future if needed. Failure to do so may prevent us from keeping your file up to date which will prevent you from remaining on the approved list of contractors.

Need More Help?
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