Sourcing Service

Our Sourcing Service provides organizations with two key capabilities:
  • National Sourcing Catalog
  1. Focused electronic catalog of contractors and suppliers fully searchable
  2. Complete access to contractor files including the data such as safety performance, typical job sizes, workforce statistics, and ISO certifications.
  • Manpower
We can provide resources through our virtual network of professionals to help organizations who need to either extend their internal organizations during peak times, need to temporarily backfill positions, or who want to outsource part or all of their procurement functions.

The National Sourcing Catalog is an online list of contractors which is fully searchable by a full text search engine, as well as structured lists by location, and type of work performed. The catalog also includes a complete set of data on each contractor or supplier which includes but is not limited to the following: Safety performance, Safety programs, Insurance, Workers Compensation, Licenses, ISO certifications, Security and Background checking procedures and much more. Customers using this service have unlimited access to the catalog

Manpower: This part of the service provides additional manpower to organizations that need expertise for a special project or need additional resources for peak times. This is also useful for customers who may want to outsource part or all of their procurement process.

The biggest benefit of our sourcing services is improved speed and capability for finding contractors and supplier. Many organizations today feel pressured to use the contractors or suppliers they have always used, even if the performance is not very good. Usually this is a result of lack of resources to find new and better sources. Ultimately this can cost you in time, quality and money. Our experts can assist in bidding and negotiating, as well as identifying viable candidates.

National Sourcing Catalog: Unlimited use is $2,500 per site per year.

Manpower: Call for a specific quote.

We, at V-Purchasing.com reserve the right to change the pricing of any of our services, at any time. We will make reasonable efforts to notify our registered users of any price changes, but it remains the sole responsibility of each registered user to maintain knowledge of the current pricing of V-Purchasing.com services.
Last Updated: 5/1/05

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