Auditing and Verification

This service is for owners or contractors or suppliers. It is designed to provide a more complete service to them by providing a customized set of audit functions. Since every client may have different needs we will work with our customers to define audit requirements and then utilize our resources to carry out the audits and report back to our customers through the V-Purchasing.com databases. Audits might include the review of safety data (OSHA Logs, EMR), basic auditing of safety programs, detailed auditing of safety programs, auditing of drug and alcohol testing programs, reference checks and verification of certification data as well as financial checks and more.

V-Purchasing.com will define, with the customer, audit requirements and an audit schedule. V-Purchasing.com will then utilize its resources to carry out the audits and report findings through the V-Purchasing.com database. Like our other services, we leverage all collected information across clients, which enables us to provide expert services at a low cost.

This service eliminates the work required to audit contractors. It also eliminates the need for our customers to maintain experts in every needed area of auditing.


Below are just some possible audit or verification functions.
Audit and Verification
AV-1Business Classification – This service includes verification of the business classification status.TBD
AV-2 Certifications – Crane Operator – This service includes verification of crane operator certification by obtaining copies of all crane operator certificates of crane operators working at an owner facility.See formula below:
Cost Factor: $10
AV-3 Certifications – Welding – This service includes verification of welding certifications by obtaining copies of all welders working at an owner facility, or providing welding services to owners equipment.See formula below:
Cost Factor: $10
AV-4 Controlled Substance Screening - Basic – This service includes verification of the owners substance-screening program by obtaining a copy of it. It also verifies that testing is happening by obtaining proof of testing.See formula below:
Cost Factor: $10
AV-5 Controlled Substance Screening – DOT – This service provides a full DOT compliant audit of a contractors substance-screening program.TBD
AV-6 English Proficiency – This service includes verification of an English proficiency policy and an audit of the procedures used to screen non-English speaking employees.See formula below:
Cost Factor: $25
AV-7 Limited Work -- This service includes verification of a limited work policy by obtaining copies of the policy.See formula below:
Cost Factor: $25
AV-8 Professional Registrations – This service includes verification of the professional registrations by obtaining copies of the registrations.See formula below:
Cost Factor: $20
AV-9 Quality Programs – This service includes verification of the stated quality programs by obtaining copies of the ISO certifications.See formula below:
Cost Factor: $20
AV-10 References and Financials -- This service includes verifications of the stated references and comments from the references. In addition it contains verification of the Dunn & Bradstreet Rating and the financial institution. If the contractor is bonded, this information is verified.See formula below:
Cost Factor: TBD
AV-11 Respiratory Protection – This service includes verification of the respiratory protection procedure and auditing of the procedure and necessary testing.See formula below:
Cost Factor: $75
AV-12 Safety and Health – Performance – This service verifies the safety and health performance information submitted by obtaining copies of last years OSHA Log and verification of last years EMRSee formula below:
Cost Factor 1 YR: $10
Cost Factor 3 YR: $15
AV-13 Safety and Health – Procedures – This service verifies the existence of necessary OSHA procedures and audits the procedures for completeness against OSHA requirements.See formula below:
Cost Factor: $400
AV-14 Safety and Health – Execution – This service audits the contractors records of safety meetings being conducted as well as their safety and OSHA required training records.TBD
AV-15 Liability Insurance – Execution – This service audits suppliers insurance certificate, including workers compensation against a pre-agreed set of requirements defined by the customer. All major areas that are deficient are noted on the audit. A copy of the certificate is available in electronic format. See formula below:
Cost Factor: $18

Formula for calculating costs of auditing:
CF: Cost Factor – cost factor noted in audit pricing
NC: Number of contractors you will be using
AF: Audit Frequency – how often to re-audit

Cost per year = (NC / AF) * CF

Example: CF = 400, NC = 100, AF = 5
Cost per year = 100/5 * 400 = $8,000

Note: V-Purchasing.com reserves the right to change pricing at any time.

Last Updated: 10/31/2013

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