V-Purchasing.com can help your organization qualify contractors Better, Faster, and Cheaper! We do this while helping you manage your risk.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

I already have a contractor prequalification process. Why should I use V-Purchasing.com?
V-Purchasing.com can reduce your costs and improve your performance. Our flexible systems allow you to pick and choose the pieces of V-Purchasing.com that will enhance your own process. For example, your company may have a requirement that all contractors have a certain level of insurance coverage whenever they work on-site. How do you manage that? We use electronic systems to check daily the insurance status of our listed contractors. If a contractors insurance status changes, you will be notified.

Why should I qualify contractors?
There are many reasons to qualify a contractor. In some cases there are regulatory requirements (i.e. OSHA, DOT, EPA, ISO, etc). In other cases it simply makes good business sense (i.e, verifying insurance, checking references, bonding, etc). Ultimately, qualifying contractors tends to improve your overall performance and reduces your risk of being fined by regulatory agencies.

What if I can't find the contractor I'm looking for in your directory?
If the V-Purchasing.com directory of All Contractors does not contain the contractor you are looking for, simply select the option "Request New Contractor" and fill out the simple on-line form (name, company name, phone, fax and required date). We will automatically notify the contractor you want their information on-line and when you need it by. We will then follow up with that contractor until they have completed all of the required data. Once the data is complete, you will be notified by e-mail.

I want to outsource my contractor qualification and selection process. Can V-Purchaisng.com help me?
Yes. V-purchasing.com offers a variety of services which include the qualification and selection process. Based on your requirements we can qualify contractors for you and provide you with an electronic and up to date list of qualified contractors.

Will using V-Purchasing.com's services cause a problem with my ISO 9002 certification?
We cannot comment on any specific owners certification, but in general our systems and services are extremely flexible and should be able to fit into your existing procedures or only require minor changes.

Last Updated: 9-25-02

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