NEW FEATURE: You can now attach your documents...02/19/2015

Contractors and suppliers we have added the ability to now attach documents directly into the various forms associated with your supplier file.
What does this mean? It means your information will be processed much faster. It will also give you the ability to see your submitted files within a few minutes of attaching them so that you can be sure we received them.

This new process will also improve the accuracy of information within V-Purchasing.

At this time you can still fax and e-mail information to us like you used to do, however over the coming months we will be phasing out this capability and all documentation will need to but uploaded directly into your files.

The following functionality will be coming soon:
1. Embedded at the bottom of every form in your file you will have a list of all the related, attached documents. This is where you will be able to see documents which have been processed as well as new documents which you have just submitted.
2. A more robust messaging system which will provide you links which will allow you attach documents directly from your e-mail.
3. In a few months we will be providing a dashboard for you to see more clearly what is missing, what has expired, and your specific status which each company and site you are working for.

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