Press Release: V-Purchasing.com Forms Strategic Alliance with Appalachian Construction Users Council12/03/2001


John Battista
Cynthia Nelson
Ellipsis Communications, LLC

Forms Strategic Alliance with Appalachian Construction Users Council

December 3, 2001 – Trenton, NJ –V-Purchasing.com, a leading provider of safety and quality information, announces it has entered into a strategic alliance with the Appalachian Construction Users Council (ACUC) to promote its web-enabled service to its members.

V-Purchasing.com launched its service earlier this year to help organizations maximize their relationships with service providers and suppliers of industrial sites, while reducing risk and improving selection opportunities. The Internet-based service allows for automated research, collection and management of critical information at significantly lower costs than can be done individually by owners and contractors. With one mouse click, V-Purchasing.com provides access to information, such as safety performance records, insurance data and quality certifications.

The ACUC represents 25 members in the local construction industry and is part of The Construction Users Roundtable (CURT), which was founded to enhance owner representation and increased owner input on industry issues. The local council seeks to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas among owners and contractors on how to improve their local construction picture and how to make construction safer and more effective.

“We are pleased to have joined forces with the ACUC to promote the power of V-Purchasing.com. Companies who use contract labor are always seeking ways to improve safety and quality, reduce exposure to OSHA violations and improve contractor selection,” explained John A. Battista, V-Purchasing.com’s President. “This service provides a single source – available anytime via the web - for improved collection and management of data for pre-qualification, selection and administration of contractors and suppliers.”

Battista added that having immediate access to this information could help companies reduce their risk of incidences. Additionally, the solution eliminates redundant work, resulting in lower costs for owners.

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Greg Sizemore, Executive Director from the ACUC agrees. “V-Purchasing.com provides an expanded level of strategic information via the Internet that we believe will be invaluable for contractor and supplier selection. This information will help organizations improve productivity and enhance their competitiveness.”

Sizemore adds, “Our goal is to provide our members with resources that will help them ‘get more construction for their money,’ so this tool is ideal to help them maximize their resources.”

As part of the agreement, ACUC will allow links to the V-Purchasing.com tool on its website and will work closely to develop industry standards for contractor qualifications. This customization is a true value-add as the solution provides tools to evaluate contractors and suppliers against a customized set of requirements for a specific organization. For audit purposes, V-Purchasing.com maintains a full set of electronic records that reflect the evaluation process and evaluation history of each contractor.

About ACUC
Executives representing major corporations from among the largest customers in the construction industry formed the Appalachian Construction Users Council (ACUC) in 1967. The formation of the Council was prompted by the alarming rate of inflation in building construction costs – and a concurrent skilled manpower shortage.

The Council is an autonomous organization that provides a forum for the exchange of information and views about local and national issues. Among its goals are to improve the cost effectiveness of the construction industry within the Appalachian region and provide a means for users to communicate with contractors and contractor organizations to ensure their interests are understood.

The Construction Users Roundtable was formed in the summer of 2000 to continue the 30-year effort of the Construction Committee of the Business Roundtable. The objective of CURT is to have broader Owner representation and increased owner input on industry issues. CURT is a value-based association that ultimately seeks to increase total shareholder return in a company.

About V-Purchasing
Through the use of unique rules-based technology, V-Purchasing.com effectively and efficiently collects and maintains all necessary contractor data. Information collected includes but is not limited to:

  • Contractor Safety Statistics
  • Insurance Information
  • Safety Program/Training Information
  • Quality Certifications (i.e., ISO)
  • Professional/Trade Certifications
  • Workers Compensation Liability
  • Business (IRS) Classification
  • References

V-Purchasing.com is a leading provider of safety and quality information used in the selection of service providers and suppliers for industrial sites. Through its unique web technology, V-Purchasing.com helps organizations improve safety and quality, reduce exposure to OSHA violations and expand the level of strategic information used for contractor and supplier selection.

For additional information or a demo of V-Purchasing.com, please visit www.v-purchasing.com or call 609-888-1075.

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