V-Purchasing.com wants your comments and suggestions!03/24/2005

The management and staff of V-Purchasing.com are seeking input on how to improve our service to both owners and contractors. After several years of operations, we think its time to hear what you have to say. We want the good the bad and the ugly.

Please e-mail us your comments to customer.service@v-purchasing.com and put "Comments" in the subject line.

Remember, we can not improve our service, or work toward meeting your needs if you don't take a few minutes to tell us what you think. We want to know things like:
  • What is good
  • What is bad
  • Things that save you time
  • Things that cost you time
  • Things that don't seem to work right
  • Processes that could be better
  • Issues with our staff
  • Contractors: What would make you more inclined to maintain your information
  • Contractors: Why do some of you wait so long to update information
  • Contractors: Would you pay a small fee to have V-Purchasing enter data for you, allowing you to fax information or e-mail standard questionnaire documents?
  • Any other comments you wish to make.

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