August 9, 2005 – Ventnor City, NJ –V-Purchasing.com, a leading provider of contractor and supplier qualification services announces it has been selected as the preferred service provider to Arkema for contractor and supplier qualification management at its US plant sites.

V-Purchasing.com launched its service in 2001 to help industrial sites improve their contractor and supplier qualification process by eliminating redundancy, improving the quality of information and improving contractor and supplier focus on safety and risk management. Their national database of industrial contractors and suppliers significantly improves the process of sourcing and selecting qualified service providers, while performance survey tools provide procurement professionals with improved information on prequalification and post work performance for current and future work. The Internet-based service allows for automated research, collection and management of critical information at significantly lower costs than can be done individually by owners and contractors. With one mouse click, V-Purchasing.com provides access to information, such as safety performance records, insurance data and quality certifications.

A global chemical player, Arkema consists of 3 coherent and balanced business segments: Vinyl Products, Industrial Chemicals, and Performance Products. Present in over 40 countries with 18,600 employees, Arkema achieves sales of 5.2 billion euros. With its 6 research centers in France, the United States and Japan, and internationally recognized brands, Arkema holds leadership positions in its principal markets.

“We are pleased to be providing this service to Arkema. Through a solid history with other customers, we know we will help Arkema improve safety and quality, reduce their risk and streamline their contractor and supplier selection process,” explained John A. Battista, V-Purchasing.com’s President. “This service provides a single source – available anytime via the web - for improved collection and management of data for pre-qualification, selection and administration of contractors and suppliers.”
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Battista added that having immediate access to this information at either plant or corporate locations would allow Arkema greater flexibility in their sourcing process. Additionally, the solution eliminates redundant work, resulting in lower costs for Arkema and its contractors.

After having completed a successful pilot program at two Arkema facilities, Arkema will continue migrating this critical function to V-Purchasing.com across its remaining 14 North American plant sites as well as corporate offices.

About V-Purchasing
Through the use of unique rules-based technology, V-Purchasing.com effectively and efficiently collects and maintains all necessary contractor and supplier data for regulatory and organizational requirements. Information collected includes but is not limited to:
  • Safety Statistics
  • Insurance Information
  • Safety Program/Training Information
  • Quality Certifications (i.e., ISO)
  • Professional/Trade Certifications
  • Workers Compensation Liability
  • Licenses
  • Business (IRS) Classification
  • Security and background checks
  • References

V-Purchasing.com is a leading provider of safety and quality information used in the selection of service providers and suppliers for industrial sites. Through its unique web technology, V-Purchasing.com helps organizations improve safety and quality, reduce exposure to risk and expand the level of strategic information used for contractor and supplier selection.

For additional information or a demo of V-Purchasing.com, please visit www.v-purchasing.com or call 609-822-2564.

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