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Last Updated: January 15, 2007

Prequalification Questionnaire Submission
      Suppliers and contractors can use these electronic forms to submit their qualification information to the owner companies they work for. This tool streamlines the process by only asking relevent questions. The tool also helps maintain more up to date information by allowing updates to specific sections as they expire.
      This process remains free for suppliers and contractors who choose to maintain accurate and timely information through our self-serve web site. For those contractors or suppliers who choose not to maintain information on their own, who would like for us to maintain their information, or who require multiple contacts from our office to remind them to update infomation, certain fees may apply. Please contact us directly if you have any questions regarding fees.
      Schedule of fees
Sourcing Service
In today's lean business environment many companies find themselves unable to meet peak demands. This is especially true in internal service organizations such as purchasing and procurement. V-Purchasing.com can supplement your current purchasing department by providing tools and people to help meet peak demands or the specialty needs of one time projects special situations.
  • National Directory of Contractors
  • VPN (Virtual Purchasing Network) - Virtual network of procurement professionals

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Contractor Management Service
Through our contracor management service we manage the process of qualifying contractors and supliers for industrial and commercial sites. We collect and maintain all the pertinent information needed and then qualify your contractors using your specific set of requirements. All information is redily available through the internet and all history is maintained for audit purposes. Through your personalized site file, you will always know which contractors are qualified and which do not meet your requirements. You will also know when contractors licenses, insurance, or workers compensation have expired.

Today, when you bring a contractor on site how much risk are you taking? Do you know if that contractor has all the needed credentials? Is the contractor insured?

With V-Purchasing.com you will know every day if the contractors you bring on site meet your requirement. We help minimize your risks.

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Auditing and Verification Service
Sometimes it is necessary for a higher degree of certainty the information you are basing your contractor or supplier selection process on is accurate and true. Sometimes it is required by law.

V-Purchasing.com provides verification and audit services when needed by an owner. We can verify any information received from the contractor through various means and can audit any process or program the contractor or supplier indicates they have.

Examples: Audit of safety performance, Audit of drug and alcohol screening programs, Verification of OSHA 300A Logs, etc.
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Contractor Performance Survey
How do you measure the performance of your contractors? Our performance survey tool provides a means for you to build a feedback loop into your selection process.
Through and automated process our tool collects performance information about your contractors from people in your organization who used the contractor or suppliers services.
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